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Find a Home for Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of Spacious Apartment Living

Spacious living invokes the concept of creating an environment that fosters productivity, connection, and holistic well-being for every resident.

There are many benefits to choosing bright and spacious apartment living. From hosting large social gatherings in a seamless, flowing home environment to creating an environment conducive to work or study, improving productivity and focus. Having more open, airy spaces can also reduce stress levels and foster a sense of relaxation and wellness.

Find a Home for Your Lifestyle: The Advantages of Spacious Apartment Living

Spacious living empowers you to embrace a lifestyle that promotes a new level of freedom, social belonging, and authenticity. Read on as we delve into the advantages of a modern, spacious apartment in Canary Wharf and share tips for maximising your living space.


The Luxury of Space: Why Bigger Can Be Better



Imagine a living environment with no more clutter, no more feelings of being cramped, and enough room for you to relax and enjoy the space comfortably. Spacious apartments offer significant practical and psychological benefits that can really enhance your quality of life. They enable you to stretch your arms out wide, dance and exercise freely, and even set up dedicated spaces for different activities, from reading to yoga and Zumba to painting.

A larger space also means less clutter, fewer over-packed storage spaces, and a more organised and inviting home overall. Investing in a simple storage solution for a spacious living area allows you to unpack all your belongings, organise them efficiently, and relish the soothing effects of neat and open rooms. While research shows that clutter can increase your anxiety and stress levels, organised spaces have the opposite effect, potentially enhancing your productivity and nurturing your overall wellbeing.

Choosing spacious modern apartment living can support your hobbies, passions, and favourite activities. You could use some of your space to create a specialised workout area, transform a warm balcony into a small patio garden, or set up a tranquil corner for your morning meditation sessions. These tailored spaces encourage you to maintain healthy habits and promote a more balanced, holistic lifestyle.


Designing Your Apartment: The Aesthetics of Spacious Living



Vertus’ modern spacious apartments are brimming with creative potential, especially when paired with some strategic design elements. One growing apartment design trend is ‘zonification’; the creation of unique zones within your apartment that facilitate activities like relaxation, reading, studying, working, creative expression, and working out (via the Fiit app – free to all Vertus residents).

Brightly lit spaces also give the appearance of being larger. Let natural light through windows wherever possible, and strategically hang mirrors to reflect light and visually expand your space. Sheer curtains in light colours will further help to create an airy and inviting ambience.


More Room for What Matters: Utilising Additional Space


Once you have extra space available in your spacious studio apartment, it’s time to create dedicated living and leisure spaces that enrich your days. If you work from home, start with a home office zone complete with bright natural light, a comfortable chair and desk, and shelving and storage furniture to keep your office organised.

Next, ready your home for your morning sweat sessions with a fitness haven, complete with weights, stationary bikes, yoga mats, and any other fitness equipment of your choosing. If you’re passionate about creativity, building a hobbyist zone will also allow your talents to shine. Consider setting up a cosy art corner, reading nook, sewing space, or music studio to add richness to your daily life.

One of the best aspects of spacious apartment living is its unique ability to evolve as your needs do. Your space can be changed to suit your schedule, habits, and interests, and can also easily welcome new family members, visiting loved ones, friends, and guests alike.


Entertaining Made Easy: Hosting in a Spacious Apartment



Roomy apartments are perfect for hosting lively social gatherings and meals, offering plenty of room to breathe, stretch out, relax, mingle, dine, and connect. Your guests can move from your cosy dining area to your living room, or even to your balcony to enjoy unsurpassed city views over aperitifs.

Additionally, you can use extra space to accommodate guests by transforming spare rooms into game rooms, entertainment rooms, screening rooms, or even banquet rooms as you see fit. Spacious apartments make for easy, stress-free hosting and allow you to create unforgettable memories with your nearest and dearest.

Vertus+ helps to transform your hosting experience with exclusive amenities like on-site guest suites at Newfoundland and 10 George street, BBQs, and day beds. Games, terraces, lounges, self-service bars, private dining rooms, screening rooms, gyms, and high-speed broadband also add to the experience.


A Place for Everything: Storage and Organisation Solutions


Wave clutter goodbye by securing a more ample living space. Organisation is effortless in a bright and spacious apartment, as it’s easy to accommodate pull-out chests of drawers, under-bed storage compartments, double-door wardrobes, and free-standing cabinets.

If you have a spacious studio apartment, you can use vertical storage space in the form of floating shelves, wall-mounted organisers, and hanging baskets to maximise space and minimise clutter.

Keep your spacious 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartment organised by clearly labelling drawer dividers and storage containers, decluttering on a regular basis, and opting for multi-functional storage furniture like storage Ottomans and pull-out, multi-purpose furniture pieces.


Discover the Spacious Apartments of Vertus



Vertus offers exclusive spacious apartments in Canary Wharf to suit every unique needs. Our Newfoundland 1 bedroom apartments ,2 bedroom apartments, and spacious 3 bedroom apartments are 20% larger than the average London apartment, offering ample space to cater to your passions and lifestyle alike. The apartments in our 10 George Street and 8 Water Street residential buildings also offer generous living spaces complete with their own perks.

Enquire about our spacious apartments for rent today and choose a home that you can customise with personalised living zones, stylish décor, and welcoming resident amenity spaces for family and guests alike.

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